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Go with the Flow

The Spirit of God recently spoke to my spirit and said, ‘Go with the flow of my Spirit as I lead you into encounters with those in need along your daily road.’ The Lord highlighted the following words in Matthew 10:7, “And as you go….” The Lord will set you up and orchestrate the opportunities in the normal flow of your daily life. You must slow down and behold who He puts right before your face.

In Luke 10:31 – 33 Jesus highlights three men who BY CHANCE come upon a man who had been robbed, beaten and left for dead. The Samaritan slowed down, stopped and ministered to the man in need right where he was at, expecting nothing in return.

Part of the new wineskin invites us to establish relationship with those we meet. We must slow down and spend time loving, serving and building friendship with those that the Lord is connecting us to. As the Holy Spirit leads we introduce the Gospel (Good News) of the finished work of Christ on mankind’s behalf (John 19:30). Only God can make a disciple, but He uses us His Body to point to Jesus and His Word. As we develop trust, listen well, share our struggles and where we have found help, we will see fruit that remains.


Pastor Michael

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