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About us

At Maranatha, we believe that each person is a valuable and needed part of the body.  God desires for everyone to actively serve the body in love using their gifts and talents, empowered by the Holy Spirit, giving generously to the work of God's Kingdom. And we believe that this desire is fulfilled beginning with an intimate relationship with God through the Word, worship and prayer.

In our worship, we emphasize God's manifested presence, power, and glory, and are committed to prayer toward revival and winning souls. We honor, cherish, desire, and yield to the Holy Spirit in all that we do. The Word transforms our daily lives as it is preached, received, believed, and acted upon, and it is confirmed by a demonstration of the Spirit's power in signs, wonders, and miracles.

Through these closely-held values, we strive as a church to raise up leaders and believers to bring Kingdom impact and transformation through each one's unique calling and assignment within society. We believe in the five-fold ministry and serve as an apostolic training and equipping center to help each person walk out their unique and gifted call in the body of Christ.

Our mission as a supernatural, Kingdom-minded church is based on Acts 2:33-47:

  • Believing for a triumphant church and kingdom (verse 34)

  • Embracing the Lordship of Christ (verse 36)

  • Devotion to teaching (verse 42)

  • Devotion to fellowship (verse 42)

  • Devotion to communion (verse 42)

  • Devotion to worship and prayer (verse 42)

  • Walking in the fear of God and holiness (verse 43)

  • Demonstration of the Spirit's power by miracles, signs, and wonders (verse 43)

  • Sharing with those in genuine need (verse 45)

  • Freedom to worship in Spirit and truth (verse 47)

  • Seeking and relying on God's favor (verse 47)

  • Evangelism for the unsaved (verse 47)


MEET our pastors:
Michael + Judy Peterson

Michael and Judy are dynamic leaders and mentors in the Body of Christ with a passion for seeing transformational revival and God's glory revealed in their region. Michael graduated from Elim Bible Institude and later acquired a degree in ministry from Chesapeake Bible College and Seminary. After 13 years of ministry in New Jersey, they heard the call of God to pastor Maranatha, and came in August of 2002 to join God's work of transforming lives, bringing salvation, healing, miracles, deliverence and a greater hunger among God's people for His presence.

MEET our OVERSight:
Breakthrough Apostolic Ministry Network (BAMN)

Breakthrough Apostolic Ministries Network (BAMN) is an extension of Barbara J. Yoder’s ministry focused on connecting leaders throughout Canada, the Midwest and Great Lakes region and abroad. It exists to strategically align leaders for vision, strategies, and encouragement as they pursue transformation in their respective areas. We believe that as ministries strategically network together, a synergy is produced that activates a powerful anointing. When this anointing is released, it causes individuals to fulfill God’s purposes in this strategic hour. BAMN is for those of like heart and vision whom God has called together relationally to accomplish a divine vision.

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