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spirit, word and fire gathering

July 23, Sunday 10 AM

We are excited to welcome Becky Albert to our region.  On Friday, July 21st at 7 PM she will be ministering at Real Church in Elkhart, IN.  On Saturday July 22nd at 7 PM she will be ministering at Revival Room in South Bend, IN.  On Sunday July 22nd she will be ministering at Maranatha Glory at 10 AM.  Everyone is welcome to attend this meetings!

Becky has been teaching ministering for over 35 years to the body of Christ.  She is dedicated to equipping all believers to know God; know His love, His voice and His Word and to act on that knowledge with authority!

She is CEO of Armies Arising Inc., a ministry she founded based on a prophetic promise to her for the Lord to raise up an Ezekiel 37 prayer Army.  She is a Prayer Warrior! Becky also serves as the United States Co-Leader of Strategic Prayer Apostolic Network (SPAN).

For more information regarding these meetings please call our church office.  574-773-9330


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