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New Year - 2017 / 5777

As we begin our calendar year of 2017, I would like to share some encouraging observations with you. There is a vast amount of excellent revelation concerning the Hebrew calendar year 5777. The Jewish New Year began in the month of Tishrei last September.

Five is the number of grace and seven is the number of fulfillment, completion, restoration and healing. God is releasing a new grace to us this year; fresh divine favor and empowerment to see fulfillment of callings, assignments, promises and projects. Three sevens represent a divine work of fulfillment and completion. Seven also represents restoration of things lost or stolen from us in the last year. This includes relationships, finances, gifts, favor, opportunities and health. Proverbs 7:31 promises when the thief is caught he must restore sevenfold.

Seven also represents healing. Remember when Naaman dipped seven times in the Jordon river and was healed of leprosy. (II Kings 5:14) Yield to God's instructions this year and don't resist His way for your healing. Seven also represents answers to our intercession and perseverance. Elijah put his face between his knees seven times, taking the posture of intercession. The seventh time the manifestation of heavy rains came. (I Kings 18:42 - 45) Bowls of intercession will reach the tipping point this year. One prayer, one offering or one step of obedience may suddenly bring about the desire you have contended for in this last season.

One note regarding our Gregorian year of 2017, 17 represents double portion and victory this year!! This a tremendous insight and declaration for this year. Judy and I were ordained together under Apostle Barbara Yoder on Saturday, 1/7/17, double portion and double victory! Reach out take it by faith, it is for you!


Pastor Michael

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